The current stock list was updated on 6th October 2018



Year Make Model Hours Features  
2017 Hitachi Excavator ZX130LCN-6 New – 1200 hrs 700mm shoes, Full Piping, Drop Value, Hill Hitch
2017-2018 Hitachi Excavator ZX1.9U-5A  New to 400 hrs Rubber Tracks, Three Bucket, Hitch
2016-2018 Hitachi Excavator ZX26U-5A 400 – 1200 hrs Rubber Tracks, Cab, Full Piping, Three Bucket, Hitch
2017 Hitachi Excavator ZX135US-6 From 900 hrs Blade, Drop Valves, Rotation and Hammar Piping, Hills Hyd Hitch, 700mm Shoes
2018 Hitachi Excavator ZX135US-6 800 hrs Drop Valves, Piping, 700mm Shoes, Air and Heater Seat, Hills Hyd Hitch Digger Bucket
2019 Hitachi Excavator ZX38-5A New 4 Bucket, Hyd Hitch, Drop Valves, Piping Cab, Air Con, Rubber Tracks
2019 Hitachi Excavator ZX33U-5A New Cab, Air Con, Drop Valves, 4 Buckets, Hyd Hitch, Piping
2018 Hitachi Excavator ZX210-LC-6 1100 hrs Drop Valves, LC, Track Frame, Rotation and Hammer, Piping, Boxing Rails
2016 Hitachi Excavator ZX220LC-5G Piping, 600 mm Shoes
2018 Kubota Excavator KX030-4 New Cab, Blade, Hitch, Piping, 4 Buckets, Rubber Tracks
2018 Hitachi Excavator ZX1.9U-5A New Cab, 3 Buckets


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